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Lovely Park Morgan Mare

Carlee Balling's curio scale Morgan mare

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Improved Balloon Pop Game Set

Made to be more durable for transport!

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Custom Red Bay Shire

This pretty red bay shire was painted in oils and acrylics by Caitee Cooper of Laughing Elk Studio. He has detailed eyes, striped hooves, "dirty" socks, a big b...

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Duende Premiere Club

2017 Premiere Club Duende

DrButterscotch (2 )


Pink Crystal Leather Halter

Includes HalterModel Not Included

OtterLakeModelHorseTack (10 )


Traditional Flash Snaffle Bridle

Postage paid worldwide!

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Micro Mini Arabian painted by Jessica Geer

Maggie Bennett's micro Resin painted in pigments pencil and acrylicSassy and flashy! Love this firey Arabian so he had to have a paint job to match.

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RARE OF Breyer Ranch Horse

1,500 made. LSQ, has ribbons. 

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Breyer Glossy Shire 2018 appreciation model ~110 made

Breyer Glossy Shire 2018 appreciation model ~110 made NIB never opened

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BreyerFest Celebration Horse Oliver

Breyer's Oliver on the Cleveland Bay mold. No flaws that I can see, came straight from my show string. One current NAN card good through 2023.

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Unpainted Fiddler by Becky Turner Angry Shetland Pony large SM/Curio Resin

Time for the second purge! LOTS of unpainted resins will be for sale in the upcomming days so keep your eyes peeled! Full preview album can be seen here: https://www.fac...

ArtByCRiley (24 )

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Micro Mini Artist Resin Little Bucker "Micro Naut" Sunburnt Black Pinto

Welcome to the "Little Bucker's" auction page!Micro Naut is the micro version of Rayvin Maddock's incredible sculpture of Juggernaut.  I'm sure ...

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Western saddle pad

Pale pink western saddle pad. With brown  wear leathers.

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Western saddle pad

Hot pink western saddle pad. With brown  wear leathers.

fieldofdolls (1 )


Traditional Western Show Halter

Postage paid worldwide!

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JEWELED MULE Purple Flowers Pink Glitter Nobell Medallion

Sparkly goodies in a clear resin mule package! 

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Traditional (1/9th ) Scale Neoprene look cinch ~ Leafy !

Neat addition to your western set !Free shipping in the US international by address 

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Unpainted Bell Mule Artist resin medallion AR CM

UNPAINTED Very smooth castings. FREE shipping in USA

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Pink Two-Tone Barrel Racing Saddle Set

Pink Two-Tone Barrel Racing Set with CM Horn By Bethany Shaw

BethanyShaw (2 )

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